• Art Prints Available

    Prints now available
    I am now offering prints on paper or canvas through Saatchi Art. Go to www.saatchiart.com/mwebber. The image choices are only from my original art on paper selections. You have many size options to choose from. You can choose framing too. Prices are $US and include shipping. It's a complete fulfillment service to make things easier for you and to have great art at modest prices.
    Click on Collections then the Drawings or Mix Media categories, then each image to access print options.

  • Caring for your art

    All of my artwork is "archival". The oil paintings will last at least 100 years. (Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived that long!)

    Placing Your Art
    Never place your art in areas exposed to direct sunlight, close to heat sources or in high moisture areas. Sunlight will damage the pigments (colors), paint film and may increase breakdown of the substrate. Moisture will cause mould or fungus and could permanently damage the painting and substrate.

    Cleaning and Hanging Your Art
    Works on paper should be framed with acid free mats and placed in modestly lit areas with ample ventilation. For larger works on paper (over 16" x 20" framed size), I recommend using Plexiglas or Lucite as they are lighter and much safer than glass. However, Plexiglas scratches easily. There may be other options so talk to your framer for ideas.

    Works on canvas can be cleaned or dusted with a very soft cloth and absolutely NO cleaning agents ever! They may dissolve the paint off the surface. If your art really needs proper cleaning, seek out an art restoration company who will clean the work safely. My oil paintings on canvas have clean finished edges. You may choose to frame them or not, depending on how the art looks on your chosen wall.

    Make sure you have plastic bumpers on the back corners of all your art so that mould doesn't build and stain the back of the art or your wall.

  • Art For Canadian Businesses

    If you operate a business in Canada you can purchase Canadian artist work ($200+ value) and deduct the cost over time on your tax return. Also, art rentals and leasing are tax deductible too. Contact your tax lawyer or accountant for more details. No more boring walls!

  • Future Workshops?

    June, 2020

    Let's hope the pandemic subsides by the next couple of years! Everyone, please stay safe.

    For those artists wanting to learn new skills or just improve, I hope to launch a few workshops. These will be in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    When workshops come available a new link in the menu bar will be added. News will also be posted in the Opus Framing & Art Supplies website and in my e-newsletters. Click "Subscribe" in the top menu for newsletters.

  • Payment Plans Available

    March, 2021
    You are welcome to pay for your art by instalment plan. Once fully paid, you will receive the art. Another option is to work with my art lease agency that will offer a purchase payment plan available for art over $1,500 value. Then you can take the art home quickly. Please contact me for more information.

  • Art Demos at Opus Art Supplies

    I Love Teaching Art!
    Due to COVID there have been no demos or workshops. I'll post new information if things change.

    I have given demonstrations to up to 30 artists at Opus Art Store on Granville Island, downtown and North Vancouver. It has been so much fun and a great success. Here is what one participant said:
    "Hi! I just want you to know how very inspiring your demo session was yesterday! Thank you for being so thorough in not only sharing information about the various brands and their potential but paper choices, and techniques that those new to the medium can actually try with the possibility of some success! Plus your major encouragement to just get at it and have a "bash"!
    Cheers, Maureen